The Only Winning Strategy For Baccarat

Like any other casino game, Baccarat has also been the subject of careful study by many scholars / professional players in order to theorize a system capable of increasing the winning percentage.

The attempts have been many; however, to date, there is no scientifically proven game scheme that allows you to obtain safe winnings, nor that allows you to contain the house edge.

Taking Notes: Useless And Harmful Method

One of the phantom strategies that should help the player to beat the dealer is the one based on the recording of the progress of the game, in which the player carefully notes all the results of the individual sessions.

This strategy is adopted in live casinos using pen and paper, putting the results of the game sessions on paper, while online players can easily “study” the history of hands made available by the software.

Play On Banco, Player or Tie

The three bets made available by baccarat are:

  • bank bet ( the house edge is 1.17% );
  • stake on the player ( the house edge is 1.36% );
  • bet on a tie ( the house edge is 14.12% ).

From this analysis it is easy to understand that the only advantageous bet, that is the one that allows you to significantly reduce the advantage margin, is the one on the bank, while it is absolutely not recommended to bet on a tie.

Baccarat And Martingale system

The Martingale progressive betting system is highly appreciated by players especially in Roulette, as always doubling the bet in case of defeat or leaving it unchanged in case of victory, in the long run it allows to make up for losses.

Its application in this game, however, is strongly discouraged, as you often risk losing considerable amounts and spending many hours at the table, without being able to recover losses.

Another obstacle that is encountered is dictated by the fact that many Baccarat tables have betting limits and therefore it is impossible to double the amount bet in the previous bad hand.

Card Counting in Baccarat

The great similarity between Blackjack and Baccarat could lead to think that also in the latter it is possible to implement the very valid card counting tool , in order to reduce the bank edge.

However, many mathematicians and professional players have ventured into this challenge and agreed that this tactical choice is impracticable in Baccarat, as it requires too intense a mnemonic and cerebral effort that would end up confusing the player very quickly.

Therefore it is strongly discouraged to try to adopt the card counting system and to admit the one big truth: baccarat is a game dominated by luck.

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